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Testimonials :

"Oi !!!" - person on street

"Ok, nice, now go clean your room" - my mom

"Click click" - my camera

My earliest recollection of using cameras goes back to when I was a little kid. I had a free 110 camera from KFC, and a pink 126 camera. Once I shot an entire blank album because I advanced through the entire film cartridge without realising there was something called a shutter release button.

Nevertheless, I only realised I loved photography when I was in university. I needed photos for my project, and it was then that I discovered a wonderful thing called stock photography. Fast forward a few years later, I'm now the Chief Editor at a microstock agency.

I've used various cameras since my childhood, from film point-and-shoots to DSLRs. But my favourite camera is probably my mobile phone. It's not the best, but like it's often said, your best camera is the one you have with you. It makes street photography easier too. I enjoy street photography because it's so random and the results can be rather unexpected. More often than not, you'll encounter a stroke of serendipity and end up with some nice shots. That's if you don't get chased away by strangers with a broom. Not that I've encountered that.

Besides photography, I'm also passionate about shortbread and LGBTQ+ Christian issues. If you have a proposal (work or marriage), want to be friends or just chat, simply drop me a line using the contact form below.

Have a great day and God bless!


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